Analog to digital tape transfers | Services
Transfer/convert multititrack reel to reel tapes to wave files for importing into Pro Tools or other DAWs.
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High quality transfers from multitrack analog tapes into the digital domain,for importing to Protools or any other Digital Audio Workstation.

Preparation of tapes for transfer:  baking, repair of dried edits, etc.

Equipment and supported formats

We can play any analog multitrack tape that you have, of any width from ¼” to 2”.

If we don’t have a suitable machine to play your tape then we’ll know where to get one that does.

Professional format tapes are played on expertly maintained Ampex and Studer multitrack tape machines.

Semi-professional format tapes are played on Ampex multitrack tape machines fitted with custom head assemblies.

Project studio tapes are played on the Tascam and Fostex machines that pioneered this high track density format.

Click here for details of all the tape formats we can play.

 Noise reduction

 All of the common (and not so common) noise  reduction types can be decoded: Dolby A, Dolby B, Dolby C, Dolby S, Dolby SR,dbx and  Telcom C4.