Analog to digital tape transfers | Formats we handle
Transfer/convert multititrack reel to reel tapes to wave files for importing into Pro Tools or other DAWs.
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Formats we handle

Here is a list of the tape formats that we can play.


Tape width   Tape Format
Tape machine
2″ 24 track 2″ Studer A800; Ampex MM-1200
16 track 2″ Ampex MM-1200
1″ 24 track 1″ Tascam MSR-24
16 track 1″ Ampex MM-1200

12 track

1″ Ampex MM-1200

8 track

1″ Ampex MM-1200
1/2″ 16 track 1/2″ Tascam MSR-16
8 track 1/2″ Ampex AG-445C
4 track 1/2″ Ampex AG-445C
3 track 1/2″ Ampex AG-445C
2 track 1/2″ Ampex AG-445C
1/4″ 8 track 1/4″ Fostex E-8
4 track 1/4″ Ampex AG-445C
2 track 1/4″ Studer A80; Ampex AG-445C
Full track 1/4″ Ampex AG-445C


This means that in addition to the usual list of professional tape machines from Studer, Ampex, MCI, 3M, Scully, Sony and Otari, we can also play tapes recorded on Tascam 85-16, 85-16b, MS16, MSR-16/MSR16, MSR-16S/MSR16S, MSR-24/MSR24, MSR-24S/MSR24S, TSR-8, 38, 80-8, 34, 34b, 388/Studio 8, 32, 3340, 3340S, 3440, and Fostex A8, R8, 80, E-8/E8, B-16/B16, E-16/E16, G-16/G16, G-16S/G16S, G-24/G24, G-24S/G24S.

If you aren’t sure of your open reel tape format, then rest assured that we are likely to have a machine to play your tape. If we don’t, then we’ll know where to get one that does.