Products - Analog to digital tape transfers
Transfer/convert multititrack reel to reel tapes to wave files for importing into Pro Tools or other DAWs.
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The Ampex MM-1200 and its predecessor MM-1100 are wonderful tape machines with a great sound.  They date back to the 1970s, and hundreds are still used today in studios around the world because in addition to sounding good, they are also reliable and very easy to maintain.

They do have one notable weakness: the amount of tape wrap over the static surfaces of the tension arm post and the head assembly guides.  These surfaces gather gunk from the front and back of the tape, and are a source of flutter, tape wear, and oxide shedding.  They also present an unnecessary workload on the MDA (Motor Drive Amplifier).

For over a decade I have offered an easy-to-install roller kit which I’m proud to say is fitted to the majority of machines in use around the world.  These rollers totally transform how a machine handles tape, providing increased responsiveness, especially towards the end of the reel.  The full kit comprises:

  • Roller replacement for the fixed tension arm post.
  • Roller replacements for the fixed guides on the head assembly.

Rolling tension arm

There is 45 degrees of wrap around the static tension arm post, against the oxide layer of the tape. 

The Thin Brown Line rolling tension arm is a complete replacement assembly that can be installed in a few minutes using nothing more than a screwdriver and an Allen wrench.  Click here to see how!

rolling head assembly guides

The design of the MM-1100/MM-1200 head assembly involves over 90 degrees of total wrap over fixed guides. This is a source of flutter, which is only partially alleviated by the small flutter roller between the record and repro heads.

Using Thin Brown Line purpose-made rolling guides, replacement of the fixed guides is literally a 10 minute operation. Click here to see more