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Transfer/convert multititrack reel to reel tapes to wave files for importing into Pro Tools or other DAWs.
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High quality transfers from multitrack analog tapes into digital wave files, for importing to Pro Tools or any other Digital Audio Workstation.

Rolling head assembly guides

The design of the MM-1100/MM-1200 head assembly involves over 90 degrees of total tape wrap over fixed guides. This is a source of flutter, which is only partially alleviated by the small flutter roller between the record and repro heads.

Until recently, the only solution was to disassemble and drill the head block to accept modified guides taken from a donor tape machine.

With our purpose-made rolling tape guides, replacement of the fixed guides is literally a 10 minute operation.

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Rolling tension arm

There is another 45 degrees of wrap around the static tension arm post, against the oxide layer of the tape. Up until now, replacing this post with a roller involved the tricky task of separating the post from the tension arm, then replacing it with a custom mount for yet another donor machine roller.